Testimonials — See what our guests are saying about their travels with Ethnojourneys.

Thank you so much for the outstanding tour of SouthEast Asia! Our time there was our first international trip and you helped to make the transition of culture (and jet lag) very pleasant.

Our tour wasn’t just a simple walk through the popular tourist destinations. You were able to guide us through the rich history of the towns, show us a few easily missed hidden treasures and even included us in an invitation to join a “family day” with some of your friends.

You helped us to fall in love with the people and places of SEA!
— James & Amanda, KY
Some friends and I recently visited South East Asia using EthnoJourney’s as our in-country travel agency. They did an excellent job with accommodations and transportation. They were helpful in suggesting where to eat and were knowledgeable of the history of the country. I give EthnoJourney’s my highest of recommendations.
— Nathan, TN
My trip with Ethnojourneys made me feel more like a “traveler” and less like a “tourist.” Spending time in locals’ homes, eating with them and learning from them exposed me to the real-life side of Southeast Asia. Of course, we were able to see the popular sites, too, but our personal experiences of meeting local residents and visiting their homes, schools and workplaces made this trip memorable!
— Hannah, GA
I want to thank you and Ethnojourneys for a wonderful experience on my visit to Johor and Malacca. Your knowledge of the culture, language, religion, and history gave me greater understanding of and appreciation for the Malaysian people. It was an eye-opening experience for me to live among these amazing people for a short time. I would encourage anyone interested in experiencing the region in ways not listed in popular tour guidebooks to consider Ethnojourneys.
— Thomas, GA
Ethno Journeys offered a great and hospitable stay. They provided us with an authentic experience. We felt like the locals. We got to see some beautiful landmarks and interact with local people. The days were well planned and packed with adventure! Ethno Journeys was very knowledgable about the culture and knew where to take us for the best food and sights.
— Brian, KY
I have never had a better experience traveling in Southeast Asia than I did using Ethnojourneys as my guide. They provided our seasoned group of travelers with a genuine Asian experience. I didn’t travel halfway around the world to eat American food and experience American activity. I wanted to smell the smells, taste the tastes, and experience the culture of Southeast Asia, and that is exactly what they provided. The only negative is that since returning home Asian food just doesn’t taste as good, because it doesn’t even come close to comparing to what we experienced on our trip. Now I can rave about the food all day long, but the memories that will last a lifetime are from the people I met, and from the culture that is now tattooed on my heart as a place I will never forget, and as a place I am sure to return.

Thank you Ethnojourneys for such a life changing trip!
— Jeremy, TN